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Welcome to Snyper Fund !

Snyper Fund Staking DApp, is a revolutionary platform that offers users the opportunity to stake their funds and generate constant returns indefinitely. The Snyper Fund Staking DApp operates on a robust mechanism that combines various features to provide users with a rewarding staking experience. Users can stake their funds within the Snyper Fund DApp, with the promise of a 3% daily Return on Investment (ROI). The DApp incorporates a compound feature that increases users' ROI even further. Users can compound their returns daily, adding an additional 1% compound bonus to the daily ROI. This brings the effective ROI to 4% for the compounded amount, enabling users to accelerate their earnings over time. There is an exciting new feature that will enhance users' investment experience and provide a fair opportunity for all. With this feature, investors who join our platform after 1st August 2023, 04:00 PM UTC will begin earning a remarkable 4% daily reward on their investments. This initiative is designed to provide a fair chance for those who enter the DApp a few days after the initial launch. To maintain stability and prevent potential contract draining, the DApp implements an Anti-whale feature. The Sniper Fund Reward Cut-Off feature serves as an anti-whale mechanism, requiring users to withdraw their earnings within 10 days. If a user fails to do so, the feature stops generating further rewards until the earnings are withdrawn. This promotes fair distribution and doesn't allow whales to accumulate their funds and withdraw all at once, leading to contract draining. Instead, users are encouraged to utilize the compound feature to maximize their ROI. The Snyper Fund DApp offers a Referral program to incentivize user participation and growth. Users can refer the DApp to new users, and when those referred users join and deposit funds, the referring user receives an additional reward of 4% of the deposited amount. This referral bonus acts as an extra earning opportunity for users, encouraging them to invite others to join the DApp.
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