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Functions & Features

Basic functions included in the Dapp:
The Snyper Fund DApp offers a range of features and functionality that enhance the staking experience for users. Let's explore these features in detail:
  • Deposits: This is the first function you will use. Choose the amount you wish to Deposit and press the button. You will have to confirm two different transactions: one Approval (to let the contract use your USDT) and one Deposit (to send your funds). The deposited amount will reflect all your account parameters in your Dashboard. You can use the Deposit function multiple times: your Deposited Amount will add up, and your Daily Reward will rise accordingly. Min Deposit amount: 30$ Max Deposit amount: 20k$ Daily ROI of 3%: The Snyper Fund DApp generates a daily Return on Investment (ROI) of 3%. Users who stake their funds within the DApp can expect consistent daily returns on their investments.
  • Withdraw: This function is to withdraw all the accumulated rewards (Daily Reward, Referral Reward & other incentives) directly to your wallet. Withdraw Cool-down Period: When a user earns returns through staking within the DApp, there is a cool-down period set for 24 hours. During this period, the user cannot withdraw their returns. The cool-down timer acts as a safeguard against frequent withdrawals that could disrupt the balance of the contract.
  • Compound Feature: The DApp incorporates a compound feature that allows users to reinvest their earned returns. Every 24 hours, users have the option to compound their returns, which results in an additional 1% compound bonus added to the daily ROI. This effectively increases the daily ROI to 4% for the compounded amount. Compound cool-down period: This cool-down timer will be shown in your Dashboard after you make your first Deposit. It requires you to compound your Daily Reward at least once in every 24hrs.
  • Direct 4% ROI Boost: There is an exciting new feature that will enhance users' investment experience and provide a fair opportunity for all. With this feature, investors who join our platform after 1st August 2023, 04:00 PM UTC will begin earning a remarkable 4% daily reward on their investments. We believe in creating an inclusive environment that rewards all participants, regardless of their entry timing. By introducing this feature, we aim to encourage and support new investors who join our platform, enabling them to earn substantial returns from their investments immediately.
  • Reward Cut-Off: The Sniper Fund Reward Cut-Off feature serves as an anti-whale mechanism, requiring users to withdraw their earnings within 10 days. If a user fails to do so, the feature stops generating further rewards until the earnings are withdrawn. This promotes fair distribution and doesn't allow whales to accumulate their funds and withdraw all at once which leads to contract draining.
  • Referral commission: Another way to increase your Passive Income is by Referral commission of 4% generated when you Copy the referral link and invite someone to stake through your ref link. This provides an incentive for users to invite others and grow the DApp's user base.
  • Tax: There is only a 10% fee on every deposit. No withdrawal fee to withdraw your funds, This feature promotes a user-friendly environment and allows users to have full control over their assets, facilitating seamless transactions and reducing costs.